Qualities of an educated person essay

These are most certainly beyond the scope of this paper. Here at GC the importance of all of these things are equally stressed.

And indeed it is; especially if one works within the system known as The Public Schools, an institution designed and maintained to perpetuate certain values and behaviors in both teachers and students. This is a narrow and wrong conception of education.

the 20 qualities of an educated person

This also implies willing submission to the tutelage of one's teachers and intellectual leaders. This paper uses "her" and "she" to refer to both females and males. I propose incorporation as a religious school under the auspices of one of the few nature-based religions which have achieved status as c 3 organizations.

Yet, as a matter of fact, much that goes on in the classrooms of our schools is nothing but indoctrination.

In order to be physically fit he either plays games or takes some kind of exercise. An educated person has the ability and the discipline to do what is right. She has skills in other areas other than her major. What does someone have to know in order to be considered an educated person.

An educated person can speak at least one language other than their own. Even if that learning runs counter to her worldview, to her spirituality, she will at least gain from it what she can before moving to defeat its conclusions.

An educated person knows how to resolve conflicts with others. An educated person has the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas in writing, clearly and concisely. Below a certain income level-far above what our government calls the poverty level-tuition would be free. An educated person has aesthetic appreciation; they can sing and dance well, play at least one musical instrument, and can appreciate architecture, great art, and other expressions of creative genius.

Unfortunately, our educational system pays little attention to the moral development of youngsters. Too often we think of education as something we "get" at school and university.

An educated person knows how to resolve conflicts with others. He has the habit of reading newspapers, periodicals, and books of general interest, and what is more important; he has the habit of thinking and meditation. However, the reality is that in this country and at this time, mandatory schooling is here to stay.

An educated person knows how to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information between the important and the trivial. In what kinds of activities might you engage to develop these attributes. But, I argue, this are the beginning foundations.

An educated person is capable of doing new things; they have the ability to generate ideas and turn them into reality. An educated person knows how to learn. An educated person is self-aware; they know how to perceive and manage their own internal states and emotions.

He also writes about the purpose of education and what it means to be an educated Christian. He is never lured by money or personal gain to deviate from the path of duty and justice. An educated person is one whose natural curiosity has been awakened with the purpose of satisfying that curiosity.

An educated person has the ability to think inductively and deductively. He is capable of love and friendship, and respects people whose customs and opinions differ from his own.

Qualifications to teach would be based upon spiritual and political worldview; acquired knowledge and experience in a variety of topics, including activism; ability to connect and empathize with younger folks; commitment to the vision of the goddess schools; and ability to, well, teach.

An educated person knows how to acquire desired skills by identifying and utilizing available resources, deconstructing the process required for learning a particular skill, and experimenting with potential approaches.

Therefore, the liberation of young humans today would de facto be more like the turning-loose of younger folks into an uncaring, hostile world seeking to exploit and manipulate them.

teacher as an educated person. He collaborated with each of us to come up with a course of action that allowed us all to advance. We as people feel that an educated person has the ability to think clearly and independently, they exhibit good judgment and are always open to learning something new.

What difference any given teacher makes depends largely upon the vision of that individual teacher: the image of The Educated Person. The fact is that there are many and varied images of just what an educated person looks like. An Educated Person An educated person is someone who has learned how to acquire, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, understand, and communicate knowledge and information.

An educated person has to develop skills that respond to changing professional requirements and new challenges in society and the world at large. Nov 21,  · Characteristics of an educated person essay History fair essay requirements for columbia essay gotong royong at playground slide selected essays essay chicago a personal and s essay on the king center jacques androuet du cerceau expository essays nathan nabb dissertation help best birthday ever essay juror 8 essay.

The educated person: Introduction

Plainsong kent. An educated person thus involves a number of prerequisites: s/he must have been led by someone else.

560 Words Essay on my Idea of an Educated Person

Ideally, s/he must have been led by a more advanced knower and hopefully, in the words of Leo Strauss, by a great mind or teacher. Qualities Important to the LAC. Early Chronology –The Qualities of an Educated Person Project Describe, with justification, the qualities of an educated person.

2. Analyze current practices at UNI encouraging or inhibiting development of those qualities. 3. Suggest reforms. 4.

Qualities of an educated person essay
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