How to write a profile feature story

Instead, write in third-person, knitting background information, descriptions and quotations together. On the other hand, if your article is less than words, it's too short; you are probably missing information. Research and interviews usually sharpen your angle on its specifics and you have to be welcoming to it.

All info in the stories was fact-checked and confirmed. Or you may see that she has won awards in soccer in college, and you didn't know she was a former jock.

How to Write a Personality Feature Story

Share your victories or your embarrassments in the comments. Do your research before you show up. By creating a compelling story, good profile writers can benefit from this high-need area of freelance writing.

Be patient and wait for it. However, if the same student was the only person to win a national award for community service or just got signed by a professional orchestra, that would be newsworthy.


I am thankful for those who give it to me freely. For instance, the story about the soccer player doesn't just say he was a standout in high school. Don't submit a 1, word article -- that's too long. The Interview You can prepare for the interview by making a list of questions that invite specific answers, not just yes or no responses.

Each section of a profile should contain at least one quote that ties the material together. But remember - your personal opinion is not appropriate. What's the newest, freshest approach you are bringing to your job.

When choosing your subject, personality feature writer Lori Russell suggests brainstorming with interesting people you know and asking yourself why readers might find their stories compelling.

Be the eyes of your reader. All of these things will affect the direction you take with your story as well as how freely your subject talks with you Get background info: Aim to capture a mood with your own writing than just flowering it with redundancy. Does she wear a locket every day; whose picture is inside.

8 Steps for Writing a Compelling Profile Story

But when I write, it passes so swiftly that I forget it exists. Explore past articles written about your subject in other publications. This should be worked upon by your 5 senses eyes, ears, smell, taste and touch. They are all written fairly tightly.

If the business or individual maintains a blog, you will want to read the available posts to understand their identity. Nov 10,  · In this Article: Article Summary Sample Feature Choosing a Topic Interviewing Subjects Preparing to Write the Article Writing the Article Finalizing the Article Community Q&A Featured articles are windows into the human experience, giving more detail and description than a hard news story, which typically relies on the style of writing%().

Hearts and Guts: Writing the Personal Profile. By Bill Mitchell · August 22, By SUSAN AGER "Until you understand your own life, you can’t hope to write about someone else," Ager said. A “profile feature” is a newspaper article that explores the background and character of a particular person (or group).

The focus is on news angle or a single. A "profile feature" is a newspaper article that explores the background and character of a particular person (or group). The focus should be on a news angle or. Before you write your story, create an outline.

This will a) ensure you don't leave important info out and b) help you create a good story structure. Your should expect to revise your story several times. The writing advice website "How to Write English" suggests getting a large number of quotes so you have a variety to choose from when you begin writing.

Finding the Story. A personality feature article needs to reveal why readers should care about the subject, states .

How to write a profile feature story
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